XML Builder – populate data from MySQL to XML file

A company from Germany who deals with software development using variety of programming languages outsourced a project for developing a XML Builder.

This XML builder is developed using PHP, MySQL, JQuery and JavaScript. The purpose of the application is to give the ability to the users to add data using a HTML table as front end. Once the data has been added into the database, user can export all the data in the form XML file.

The key challenges of the project were;

  • The content will display in the form of HTML table. User can click any of the cells; edit it and when the user click outside the cell, the data should get saved in the database. A similar functionality like a excel sheet to be implement in HTML table. To meet this requirement we used Inline editing feature in JQuery.
  • The rows of the table were drag able. User can simply move rows to any position in the HTML table. Once the row is dragged to new position, the position number should get stored in the database so that next time user visits the table, rows should be at same position.

In both the above challenges, there was no “Save” button. As soon as the cell is edited or row is dragged to a new position, it should get stored in the database without refreshing the page.

The complete application was so dynamic that without editing any PHP or HTML file the content place holder can be modified. This feature was implemented for two reasons.

  • A non-programmer should also be able to change the content with actually going into the coding part.
  • The application can be used in multiple languages.

All the place holder texts were imported using .template files.

And finally all the texts need to get exported from the database into a XML file format.